Marriage Monday-Romance

Today for Marriage Monday the topic is Romance.  Let me say upfront I cringed when I saw the topic in the email.  Why?  Well I think romance is so overdone by Hollywood that we forget or feel disappointed because I spouse isn’t more romantic.  I mean really, how often does anyone get a candle lit dinner with soft music playing in the background.    And what if you don’t like to eat by candle light, than that whole scenario isn’t romantic, is it?  When it comes to romance, I think what you find romantic is going to vary  depending on your love languages.  Not only that but I think romance comes in small and large “packages”.  So where does this leave us?  Well I can share somethings I know my husband finds romantic and somethings I find romantic but I would encourage you to question your spouse to find out what they find romantic.  After all, you aren’t going to bed with my husband or I.

Things I know my husband likes:

  • the dressy bedroom stuff (yeah, you know what I mean)
  • a clean house-that may sound strange but when my husband can come home to a clean house, it makes for a much less stressful evening after a stressful day
  • soft, smooth skin – I tend to let some of this lapse in the winter

As for me:

  • a day out without kids- the kids are with me all the time and so a day out is a joy
  • the little things- fixing this, doing that- you know
  • special gifts-when he gets me things he knows I’ll really like

So there, I’m not sure if that really covers romance.  I mean come on whole books have been written on the subject.  These are just a few of my thoughts on it.


9 thoughts on “Marriage Monday-Romance

  1. I enjoyed your post!

    It sounds like you have a good grasp of what each of you finds romantic. And that’s the key.

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Liz.

    Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis ღ

  2. Simple and sweet… I think ANY time alone with my husband is an opportunity for romance. We love to go shopping together and we hold hands in the car. Its really in the simple everyday things and not the grand gestures.

    Thanks for sharing. God bless!

  3. I mentioned the Love Languages too! Great minds thinking alike! My Hub likes coming home to a neat and clean house as well. I agree we should just ask our spouse, seems like a no-brainer and yet it’s the hardest thing to do!

  4. Any time we can sneak out for a coffee sans kiddos is a sweet moment for us. I know he likes a clean home too (it must be a guy thing :-} ). I’ll have to ask him if he finds that romantic though. I don’t like fru fru so being romantic is hard for him. Just trying to plug through the day together works.

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