Edible Sensory Box

So thanks to Pinterest, I found this great idea for an Edible Sensory Box.  Now, why did I think this was a great idea?  Well Smiley (the baby who’s now 2) has issues, simply put.  One is eating.  Yes, evidently some people really don’t like to eat and I happened to give birth to one of those people.  Go figure.  Anyways, I thought maby this would be way to make food fun.  I decided to try it on a day her feeding nurse was here (and she loved the idea and started passing it along).  Below is the setup
I wanted to include a picture of the indivual items but it didn’t happen for this.  Now I must also mention that Smiley has a gluten intolerance (yes, that just adds to the *fun* of eating).   Oh, and this is my “safari box”

The Base:  Ground up Kix (okay kix is not official gluten free just for full disclosure but for her it’s okay)  Now, in it’s normal form she is less than keen to eat it but she was munching happily on it ground up.

Next I included broccoli (which she loves), some gluten free animal crackers, and jello worms (another pinterest find).  Now jello is one of those things that doesn’t go over so well with her.

Over all, it went well.  With time she tried everything in there (the worms took the longest).  I have ideas for more and I’m saying these for days her feeding nurse is here.  Hopefully that way the novelty won’t wear off.  Next theme:  beach/sea.


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