Needing to focus (really, I’m resusing that title)

So in case you haven’t noticed I haven’t been updating my goals.  Quite honestly, I haven’t thought about them a whole lot.  okay I just decided to look back at my goals and noticed I used a very similar title earlier this year.  This is sad.  Really sad.

Moving on, you can see my last goals post here.  Of those, I have worked semi-well on the first 2 goals.  Regular exercise is a go but healthy eating comes and goes and this past week has definately been a bad week.  I’ve been studying for my PTCE and am planning on taking it sometime next month.    And actually, I did well with the lesson plans for the last few weeks as I did them all up for 6 weeks and was done.  However, that’s where it ends.  All of goals have gone to pot.  I’m not doing well with reading books.  I have barely crocheted, and well next year is only half together which is becoming increasingly a problem.  Why?  Well because of week of wrap up left and then we break.  That means I have just over a month to get things plans and bought before it’s needed.  Yikes!  If I have learned nothing else, it’s that 1 month will fly by.  So where do I stand?

Goals as of today:

  1. take and pass PTCE in June
  2.  get back on track with healthy eating and lose 5 pounds in the next month
  3.  make final decisions for at least first 9 weeks and figure out cost
  4. Get portfolios together and set up evaluation time.


Now, the key to meeting these goals- the steps to make them happen.

  • 1. a.  continue to read and reread chapters in book
  • b.  practice the math and get more help if needed
  • 2. a.  track all food starting Saturday
  • b.  at least 10,000 steps a 5x times a week
  • c.  at least 15 dedicated flights of stairs 5x a week
  • 3. a. write out current thinking of first 9 weeks and evaulated if that’s a good choice
  • b.  write out what is needed and then price
  • 4.  put my big girl panties on and just do it.

So there are the goals and steps to reach them.  I’ll try to report back in a month with how I did.



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