Roads to Freedom

So let me apologize first for no pictures.  I really wanted to include pictures but if I did that I probably would never get this posted ;).  I mentioned in a previous post that this year as part of the summer reading program at the library they are having a geocaching activity called Roads to Freedom.  We have done 2 of the 15 stops so far and hopefully will be doing other one tomorrow.  The first one we did was at Oakside park and the walk was 1.67 miles.  Before we started our journey I read the information on the page and then allowed the Bam-Bam to take lead.  It was a great walk.  We found our “Hardtack” post and did the rubbings.  The rubbings I think will be a learning process because some of them just don’t look the best.  From there we went down the road to Hollabaugh’s Fruit Market.  We went at a bad time as there was still some construction trucks there and moving but everyone was very friendly and helpful.  I was glad that was a shorter walk as Smiley didn’t need to be carried.  If I ever get the pictures on Dozer took one of an apple still on the tree that I think he deserves some credit for.  I’m thinking that tomorrow we will try to do the one at East Berlin Community Center.  It’s a short walk and we need to go to East Berlin anyways.  Definately will be a morning thing before it gets too hot.

I’m hopeful to do all of them but some are on the other end of the county.  Once July comes, I’ll be able to start using it for school which will be a nice bonus.  Today, our library is hosting Jim Rule, who I love so I’m excited to be leaving for that shortly.  I love our library (I plan on posting my reasons why some day) and they have a great summer reading program lined up this year.


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