Back to School Again

So the plan is to start back to school today.  I’m hoping to start a pin board of our stuff like I did for the last block but right now I’m short on time so I’ll give a quick run down of what we are doing (hopefully with links otherwise watch for the pin board)

A literary study of the Hobbit

A study on Eagles

Pennsylvania study (Going to go ahead and get that requirement out of the way)

Island of the Blue Dolphins Study.

Three of these things are lapbook studies. I’m not sure how long these studies will take, but this is getting us started.  The kids are also doing tennis 3x a week right now and I am thinking of doing the 100 pushup challenge with them and starting them with the “prep” plan of it.  I promise to have links soon.  Also I have a great post in the works that will link up with the Outdoor Hour Summer Photo Challenge.


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