End of the 1st quarter

So today we are ending our first quarter and will start our first 3 week break.  Well, sorta.  This quarter didn’t go as planned so I’ll be finishing up some read-alouds next week and our co-op starts on 9/28 so it won’t be a full 3 week break.  I personally feel like the 1st quarter was way too much “fly by the seat of my pants” but I know the kids were learning and enjoying school.  I have also decided that during our break we are going to work on something.  I say something because I want it to be a life skill but silly me gave them choices.  See I have borrowed from our co-op Contenders of Faith and Keepers of Home handbooks.  I told the kids to make 3 choice from those books and we would work on one of them during our break.  Well some of those choices are sports and that is what Pebbles picked, with her top pick being swimming.  Well, it’s nearing the end of summer in our parts so I’m just not sure how to make that happen.  Her other choices were tennis and table tennis.  Now we sorta covered tennis in July when they did the tennis clinic but not all the requirements in the book and table tennis, well, not sure where to find a ping pong table.  I asked her to go over the options again but she insists that she just wants to do sports.

Wow, that was a rabbit trail I hadn’t planned on going on, sorry.  I wanted to talk about how, I’m still not sure what I’m doing.  You would think by the time you have 45 days you would know what you’re doing but I don’t.  Just being honest here.  I was finding my rountine but somehow I still felt like things were missing or just off.  I’m still praying but I’m just not finding answers yet.  Well at least not clear answers.  So here’s to 3 weeks of searching for answers and seeing where the Lord leads.


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