When God speaks…

So right after my last post I went outside to mow and since it was “quiet” I started thinking about what I had wrote and what I knew in my heart to be true.  Like a bolt of lightening I realized I had been disobedient to God and that was probably why I was feeling the way I was about the first quarter.  I very quickly prayed that I would not be in the same boat as the Isaraelites that had to wander the wilderness for 40 years because of their disobedience.  Or have things be pararelled to the time when they were told to take a city and they didn’t and then realized they were disobient and so wnet out the next day only God wasn’t with them and the lost big.  (Can you tell what I’ve been reading about in the bible lately).  However, I guess God thought I didn’t quite get the point because Sunday morning’s sermon was about Jonah, and how he had been disobedient and how it didn’t just effect him but the sailors.  How our rebellion has a ripple affect and so our decision to run from God effects those around us.  Then guilt set in about how my running might have effected my children.  It was all very clear what I need to do.  Just like Jonah, I’m scared.  (just being honest)  Also I blame myself in part because what God is telling me to do is something I didn’t want to.  I never thought I would teach this way.    As I get my plans in lined I’m sure I’ll share more but for now it’s what I can tell you.  I’ll be using Old Fashion Education which is going to mean doing something different with each child (well for now with the older 3) and that’s the part I never thought I would do.

I need to run now.  I’m sorry if there are typos, but I needed to share this and I’m a little pressed for time.


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