Family Time Fitness Giveaway!

So last year through one of the many homeschooling blogs I follow I found out about Family Time Fitness.  At the time I was able to down load their agility course activities for free.  They have proven to be quite fun and enjoyable.  They also give me a starting point if you will for P.E.  For me P.E. is, well it doesn’t rank high on the priority list and so any help I can get is welcomed.  Now I get to giveaway a great package to one of my readers.  One lucky reader will win a Core 1 package which is worth $199!

So what all is included in Core 1?  Well you can check out this page for more info but let’s just say it comes with 260 lesson plans that you can use with ALL your children.  That is music to this mother’s ears since I have 6 kids.  It’s great that I don’t have to keep buying for the next child.  Also there are video demonstrations and assessment tools.

I’m making it easy as pie to enter, just leave a comment telling me you would like to win.  If you have questions I will gladly try to answer them.  If I can’t answer them I will find out the answer for you.

Winner will be drawn on 10/1!  Thanks so much for entering and good luck!

(Discloser-post does contain an affiliate link)


9 thoughts on “Family Time Fitness Giveaway!

  1. Physical activity encouraged from a young age is important for all children. I often struggle to find activities that all 4 of my children will participate in together, unless you can consider the ” I did it better” activity to count for Gym class. Please enter me fir your give away!

  2. That is great that you are able to pass this along after you’ve discovered something great! Please enter us in for your give-away! We are all for getting the kids active!

  3. With three active children at home, I’d love to have some great ideas to direct this energy and teach them at the same time. 🙂 We would love to be entered into your give-away. Thank you!

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