Knowing when it’s time to change

I feel very, hmm, what’s the word, maybe noncommital this year about school school.  Really that’s not right.  I did commit to old-fashion education but when I saw it not working for one of my children I knew I needed to do something else for her.  This was hard for me but I knew it was one of the benefits of homeschooling.  I decided to take her interests and see where they would take us.  I found a book from the library about food and can’t wait to use it.  However, it’s currently checked out by another person so I have to wait.  In the meantime God had already provided something because I had randomly picked up a book on chocolate, The Story of Chocolate to be exact. I also found a fun little lapbook/notebooking pages from currclick about chocolate that we are using.  It’s been quite fun.  We are also trying to get through the Hobbit before we see the movie.  I felt very blessed when I found this study on it at currclick especially on sale.  Now I will admit some of it is to advanced for her, but I’m quite sure I can modify things as needed for her.  I loved when after having to write some vocab words she started using them in context (and out of context because the one word sounds funny and she likes the way it sounds).  We are also using Foundations for bible study now and she loves bible drill.  Even though she wasn’t the fastest against her siblings, she still really enjoyed it.  Couple that with learning her Awana’s verse and continuing with Math Mammoth and I think we have found things that work.

My middle daughter, seeing the other stuff that the olderst daughter is getting to do, has now taken it upon herself to start something else too.  She is now doing a lapbook on The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  This child is just going to town with this and really enjoying it.

I must say that making changes aren’t always easy.  You sometimes feel like you have wasted money on stuff you can’t use or that you are creating gaps, or that you are leaving your comfort zone because it’s not your learning style or teaching style.  But you have to move past that so that your child can become the person God wants them to be.


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