hodgepodge of stuff

This is going to be the year I run participate in a 5k.  Why this year when I set about training (and not finishing the training) last year?  Because this year I’m doing it for our coop.  See we are organizing a 5k as a fundraiser and since I somehow have become co-chair for this project I think I should be able to participate in it.  I have even completed week 1 of C25K as of today.  I’m also hopefully that by having a set date in which I need to be ready for it will help me stay on track.  So here I come Shamrock Shuffle!

In school news, I have much enjoyed our Christmas break but have gotten very little done by the way of planning for the next term.  Last term was a little sloppy so to speak which is one of the reasons I really wanted to have this term planned before we started.  I know exactly what Bam-Bam is doing so he’s is just a matter of writing out his daily assignments.  Pebbles and Slingshot however, well, they are all together a different story.  And of course, Dozer and Short Round want to do school and Smiley just wants me to read Go Dog Go! daily.  Sometimes I wondering what I’m doing and then along comes guilt.  The current guilt trip is over how I’m teaching with no real goals for my children.

We have had some snow and the kids loved playing in it. Some even came on Christmas Eve and it was all so beautiful for Christmas.  Speaking of which, we had a very blessed Christmas and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2013.  And on that note, it’s time to get back to some organizing which we won’t even begin to talk about.


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