Prospective on fitness

This morning I received an email from Fitbit giving me a look back on 2012.  I found it rather fascinating.  By stats were the following:

I traveled 1, 098 miles, which they tell me is longer the California coast.

My most active month was July (thanks to Tennis for kids and Roads to Freedom)

My most active day is Monday

My most active day for 2012 was May 18

My least active month was November (I was a slug)

My least active day is Sunday (okay so I don’t do much on Sundays).

Now I received my fitbit in early April so it was not a full year worth but like I said I found this all fascinating.  Not quite 1100 miles in one year doesn’t seem like a lot but I consider the length of the California Coast pretty long.  It seems I always have the best of intentions at the beginning of the week. It gives me a new way to set goals.  It makes me curious as to what I was doing on May 18th, lol.  And it makes me want to strive for a better 2013.  So here’s to reaching new heights ( or should I say new distances) in 2013.



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