Mission Complete-sorta

So this week marked week 9 of C25K and I did it!  Sadly the 5k I was training for had to be cancelled.  I learned about this probably at week 3 of training and I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother finishing.  Now this was probably at least attempt 3 of trying to train for a 5k.  Right around the same time we had a family service at church at determination.  Something in that message convinced me I need to continue with C25k even if there was not 5k at the end to run.  Now, I’m not fast.  Speed walkers could pass me.  I can honestly say I have lost any weight in during this either.  (That could be a whole other post but it would be depressing so it won’t be a whole other post).  I don’t enjoy running any more than I did before I started either.  All this has done is prove to myself that I can do a 5k.  Was it easy?  No, I needed an excellent playlist and God’s strength to get through it.  Will I ever do a 5k?  Maybe, would probably have to train again for it as I firmly believe this is something you have to keep at in order to be able to do.  I’m moving on though for now.


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