Break’s over- now’s where’s my normal?

We had a very busy but lovely spring break.  It was full of play dates, co-op (okay so that’s school but plenty of fun times) and just relaxing times.  Well except for the times when someone was sick which seems to have happened more than normal.  This week we started back to our school schedule and it has been a rough start as some where still sick and we have had tears already over math work.  The tears with the math work about sent me over the edge but I’m blaming my lack of patience due to taking care of sick people for so many days.  I”m sure that sounds horrible but a person can only handle so much.  As I look ahead to the coming weeks I feel that normally will NOT be residing here.  Between appointments, field trips, and weird random things it is going to be a juggling act school wise.  Oh and to add to things Dozer and Short Round definitely want in on the school.  Short Round is turning 5 soon and wants to know if he will be in Kindergarten after his birthday.  I have decided I can’t delay the inevitable any longer and have decided to give Easy Peasy a try for the 2 of them.  Short Round will definitely be starting with Getting Ready 1.  I’m thinking Dozer will need to start on like day 172 with the McGuffey Readers of Getting ready 1. (Although, I just did a quick look at what it says they should know before starting there and he may have to start at the beginning too).   I also now have a membership with Enchanted Learning that is coming in quite handy.  Today I printed out a Spring Activity Book for Slingshot from there.  It was short and sweet and she liked it.  The only problem I have is that my printer didn’t flip the pages correctly so some are upside down.  I also have most of next year’s curriculum decided on and got a great deal on Math Mammoth through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  I’ll share the rest of next year’s school stuff later.  So that’s what’s happening here.  Hard to believe we are in April.


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