Looking back and looking forward

So the other week I received an email from one of the fitness blogs I follow asking me where I hoped to be in a year fitness wise.  Wow, what a loaded question.  I really didn’t/don’t have an answer.  I however, I did decide to look back and see where I have been.  I must say it saddened me.  When I looked back at last year’s measurements, not much has changed.  I have lost a net of 3 pounds and I can’t remember if I lost any inches but right now that doesn’t seem to matter.  To add more guilt to the mix, I have been stress eating for various reasons since reading that email.  That certainly hasn’t helped with the weight loss battle.  And no the motivation to exercise is quite dimension as well.  Maybe I’m just hitting bottom before going up again.  Hopefully with warmer weather and maybe a good swift kick in the rear I’ll get back on track


You know that old saying: “If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it everytime”  Yeah.  I need to find something to aim for.


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