42 Days to Fit

So back in February, I got this kindle book called 42 days to Fit.  I’ll be honest, it dropped into the line up and I didn’t even look at it.  Until the other day.  On Monday morning I received numerous emails about a super deal called The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle.  As I was looking over the titles 42 days to Fit caught my eye.  When I went to check it out on Amazon, Amazon told me I already had it.  Well alrighty then, let’s search the kindle and see what it’s like.

Now for at least the last month I have been struggling with consistent exercise and healthy eating.  It’s just been a down hill slide that I can’t get stopped.  But after looking over the book and her blog, I think I can.  I have the journal printed out and I have reviewed week 1.  I have decided I’m going to do the fitness test either tomorrow or Friday and make Sunday day 1 of week 1.  I’m hoping this will be the rock that stops me and starts me back up the  hill or helps me back onto the wagon, however you want to look at it.

While I was checking out her site I saw something else that intrigued me.  A virtual marathon.  Yes, you read that right, a virtual marathon.  Now, I’m not a runner.  I’m getting better with jogging.  I have decided with doing the 42 days to fit to restart couch to 5k.  A marathon though, that takes lots of work.  But if I have a month to log 26.2 miles, that’s doable.  Now I’m not officially registering.  While they are giving away some nice prices, I just can’t justify the price, but I am going to do it in spirit so to speak.  I’m going to log my time and see if I can put in 26.2 miles in one month.  Not just casual walking or even mowing the lawn, this is going to be purposefully time.  I’m sure for some this is a piece of cake but I really feel like it’s going to be a stretch for me.  My first 1/2 mile will come with my fitness test later this week.

I plan on posting regularly here for accountability.  In fact if you would like start praying that I can make it through the first week’s food challenge which is water only to drink and no desserts.  Yep, it’s going to be a hard first week.


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