42 days to fit update 2

So I’m almost done with week 1 of 42 days to fit.  Has it been easy.  No, absolutely not.  In fact the first 3 days I didn’t even succeed.  First day was a bomb, flat out.  Days 2 and 3 were 50-50.  I either didn’t have “dessert” or I didn’t have soda.  Day 4 was a struggle because I actually made it without either.  Day 5 wasn’t any easier but I made it.  Today is day 6 and right now (it’s still early) it seems like it might be a little easier.

I’ve learned a bit this week.  For one, I like my sugar around 3 and 7 pm.  I have conquered the 7 pm one by packing an apple and some peanut butter with my supper.  The 3 pm time has a been a bit difficult.  Almonds help but they still aren’t quite the same and I struggle.   I already know that Sunday will have dessert but I plan I making my serving small.  Workout wise I did well this week and I’m amazed at how much easier it was to get on the treadmill than to lift the weights.  At one point in my life it was the opposite.  Fridays are my weigh in day and I was down about a pound this week.  Was hopefully for more after a big increase last week but I’ll take what I get.

As for the Virtual Marathon, this week I logged a total of 5.63 miles.  That makes a total of 8.22 out of the 26.2.  I am 31% of the way there.  That’s not bad, but I do feel I’ll be a little tight if I don’t get some extra time in somewhere.


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