1st week of June wrap up

Well I have done fairly well exercise wise this week.  I have decided to follow Sparkpeople’s 7 day bootcamp as I can continue to do C25K with it.  Today I did week 6 day 1 of C25K.  I am eyeing up two 5ks with hopes of doing at least 1 of them.  Today is also the last day I am stepping on the scale for awhile.  It has been creeping upwards for at least the last month and it is starting to show in my clothes.  I’m giving myself 1 month without it knowing how my clothes fit and going from there.  My currently plans include starting to track my food again somewhere around the middle of the month.


We are ending week 2 of our break and let me just say it hasn’t been much of a break.  The way it looks I have one week with nothing on the calendar, the rest of the break is going to be busy.  Somewhere along the lines I need to find some planning time.  I do have a small start on it, but certainly not enough.  I was working on creating my own lesson sheets and then yesterday a friend told me about this app called Homeschool helper.  It is available for Kindle and Ipad.  I kinda like the way it looks and some features.  I’m just not sure if that’s how I want to go yet or not.  I’ll be honest, right now I’m just happy to have a general plan for school.


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