Goals for the 1st week in July

So last week I set 4 basic goals:

  • sparkpeople bootcamp week 3
  • drink 100 oz of water daily
  • take my vitamins
  • 1 whole food meal a day

Overall, I didn’t do too bad with those goals.  My biggest problem was remembering to take my vitamins.  I believe I missed them on 2 days.  My whole food meals seem to consist of a lot of chicken and vegetables.  Grilled chicken on salad, sometimes chicken with quinoa and vegetables.  I pleased with last week even though it did not result in any weight loss.

This week I had a slightly different goal.

  • sparkpeople bootcamp week 4 (last week)
  • drink 100 oz of water daily
  • take my vitamins
  • focus on form, not quantity

Now for my “listen to your elders story”.  So once I hit a certain age I became very self conscious of my chest size and in order to make myself look smaller, I would slouch, horribly.  My wonderful, wise grandmother would often place her hands on my shoulders and “straighten” me and threaten to strap a roof shingle to my back if I didn’t start standing up start and also telling me I would regard in my later years my poor posture.  I didn’t listen.  Now, I have bad posture, weak as all get out core muscles, and could just smack myself for not listening to her.  This is the reason for the last goal.  I need to straighten and make sure I am using proper form even for everyday walking so that I can correct years of damage so to speak.


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