School Plans for 2013-2014

So it’s almost time to start another school year.  I’m mostly ready for it.  I have littles that are very ready to do school but logistical I’m not sure how to do it yet.  This year I am taking a step of faith so to speak with my choices. My original plan was to use Beautiful Feet.  Bam-Bam was going to do Medival History,

Some of the books for Beautiful Feet Medieval History

Some of the books for Beautiful Feet Medieval History

Pebbles was going to do Early American Historyearly american history books

they were both going to use History of Science great inventor books

and Slingshot was going to use History of the Horsehorse books

I set about to acquiring the necessary books and was feeling pretty good about things.  Then I felt a tug in a different direction.  One that I wasn’t ready to head but knew it was a God thing and I had better listen.

So I tucked all the Beautiful Feet stuff on to a shelf and started downloading Teaching With God’s Heart for the Worldteaching God's heart books

 From their website:  “A one-year unit study curriculum, especially designed for homeschoolers, incorporating God’s heart for world missions into nearly every subject!”

The first week almost made me want to turn and run.  Not because it conflicts with my beliefs, but because it pushes me out of my comfort zone.  It shouldn’t but it does.  Family prayer and worship is not something I am use to, I certainly didn’t grow up with and while we have tried to incorporate it into our family, but are not consistent.   Still I proceed to get the books I needed for this journey.  I’m still seeking God on how this will work with a very independent learner and a very dependent learner.  That will be our core curriculum.

However, there is still the need for basics that can be harder to fully cover with unit studies so we will also be using LLATL

  • Bam-Bam will be finishing Green and going into Gray
  • Pebbles will be finishing Yellow and going into Orange
  • Slingshot will be starting with Yellow

For Math, we will be using Life of Fred and Math Mammoth.  I’m leaning towards Life of Fred being the primary math for Bam-Bam with only using Math Mammoth for additional practice.  Pebbles and Slingshot will use both regularly.

For Science, I decided since Bam-Bam was going into 8th grade we needed something beyond nature studies for science and got an excellent deal from CBD on the 1st edition of Exploring Creation through General Science.  For Pebbles, I have decided to stick to the Beautiful Feet History of Science.

I’m not sure what exactly Slingshot will be doing for science, quite possibly the History of Science with Pebbles.

I still need to work in History of the Horse for Slingshot as she is very excited about doing it.

Those are the general plans.  I hope to post regular updates on things as we go through them.  Another goal for this year is to seriously put things into the portfolio as we go.  This year I will need to do 3 and if I wait until the end of the year to do all three, I will have some very long days come summer break next year.


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