Entering a photo contest

So there are many things I would like to do when I “grow up”.  I’d like to have a homeschool book store in which there is a cafe where I can sell homemade candies and bakery items.  I also want to do something with photography.  At Christmas my wonderful dh got me a nice Nikon camera.  I know how to take pictures with it but still don’t completely understand the settings.  A local credit union is having a photo contest for next year’s calendar and so I’ve decided to give it a try and submit something.  Well actually you can submit up to 3 pictures and that’s what I plan on doing.  I just can’t narrow down my choices.  I’m hoping you can help.  The picture must be landscape and can not contain people.  The theme is seasonal beauty of the area the credit union services.



super moon 2013 1


bug with flower


October Snow 2


super moon 2013 2


rainbow july 2013


What do you think is there any contest worthy?


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