1st quarter bust

So I really feel like our first quarter has been a bust.  Here’s a little run down of what worked and what didn’t.

Working well:

Science!  Who knew, the subject that in the past has been inconsistent at best is becoming the easiest and best subject this year.  Bam-Bam is doing Apologia’s Exploring Creation through General Science (the first edition).  I am so glad I snagged the Knowledge Box Lapbook Journal to go with it.  It has been a big help.  Also Donna Young’s schedule, huge blessing!  Pebbles is doing Beautiful Feet’s History of Science.  I plan on sharing some of her work in future post.  Slingshot is doing Beautiful Feet’s History of the Horse.  Again, I plan to share her work in a future post.


Math Mammoth and Life of Fred work for us.  I have Bam-Bam just doing Life of Fred but Pebbles and Slingshot are doing both.

Language Arts:

Learning Language Arts through Literature also works well for us.

So you may say, how is your first quarter a bust, you have a lot of things working for you.  Because my history/bible course is not working for us.  In a big way.  I was very excited about it, but after only 3 weeks I just can’t continue with it.  The first book is a mile over Bam-Bam’s head and it certainly is not reaching his sisters.  Now in theory I shouldn’t be scrambling for anything, in fact the opposite is true.  I have about 3-5 choice hanging around that could be used and I”m just not sure what direction to take.  One of the reasons I liked it was because it was going to do a quick overview of history.  I thought this would be great for Bam-Bam being that he is in 8th grade.  We could do an overview of history this year and then break it down into “four year cycle” for high school.  Nothing that I have hanging around does that and other programs that do cost more than I want to spend right now.  So then I need to decide, do I start the four year cycle this year, or just do “random” history.  Also what do I do with Pebbles and Slingshot.  I have seen some suggest keeping your children in the same time period and just gearing assignments towards abilities but I just don’t know.  It’s almost time for a three week break so I figure I have 4 weeks to get it figured out.


One thought on “1st quarter bust

  1. I’d go ahead and jump in to the 4-year study. That way he can fill that spot with something that interests him more his last year of school, or you can do a more in depth mini study if something along the way peaks his interest.

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