Curriculum Choices 2014-2015

 As I sit here typing this I realize I have gone through a lot of Curriculum over the years, a lot.Some of it has stuck around and is continued to be used.  Some has been passed along to other families in hopes that it will benefit them more than it did us.  So what’s this year looking like?  Completely different from any other year.  Why?  Well one big factor is the fact that I have a high schooler this year.  Did you just here a loud thud?  That’s me falling over again at the thought of entering the high school years.  Also as is kinda par for course around here I will be officially adding in another student.  Those 2 factors, along with just taking a long, hard look at where everyone is has lead to my choices.

The Highschooler:

  • Mystery of History Vol 2 and 3
  • Life of Fred Pre-algebra 2 and Beginning Algebra
  • Skills for Rhetoric
  • For You They Signed
  • Family Time Fitness
  • Exploring Creation with Physical Science
  • French?

He claims that he is excited about this year.  Here’s hoping that will continue.

6th Grader

  • Learning Language Arts through Literature orange and purple
  • Making math Meaningful
  • Classical Conversations
  • Family Time Fitness

4th grader

  • Learning Language Arts through literature yellow and orange
  • Math Mammoth
  • Classical Conversations
  • Family Time Fitness

2nd grader

  • Reading Made Easy
  • Math Mammoth
  • Life of Fred
  • Classical Conversations
  • Family Time Fitness

And then there are the littles.  They are rather eager to do school work but I’m not really sure what I want to do with them yet.  When I have that figured out, I’ll share.

Now you may be questioning the Classical Conversations up there.  Here’s the short story.  We are not attending CC.  However, I was blessed with a copy of their foundations program and time line cards and plan to do CC at home.  I’ll share how that works out too.


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