Fitness Blender

I love Fitness Blender! I’m not completely sure when I found them but I’m guessing sometime around the summer of 2012 as that is when I have an email with my login and password for their site. Well now they have gone and made it even better!

As of January 5th they updated their site to include a workout calendar, new programs and other cool features are to come. You can check out their announcement about things here. This morning was the first chance I had to get on and I was floored and what perfect timing to help with New Year’s Resolutions.

Which leads me to my goals that I will be brave enough to share here. My long term goal is to hit my goal weight/dress size by my birthday in late June. By 12/29 I had a rough idea as to how I wanted to accomplish that goal. I planned on taking a month of doing walking and light strength/core training, moving on to Fitness Blender’s 4 week low impact program, then their second one that they said they would be coming out with and then evaluating from there are to what to do. Well, while I was doing some sort of strength training last week nothing was feeling right and now I know why. Fitness Blender came out with a four week stretching, yoga, and pilates for flexibility and total body toning program with the new release. It seemed like the perfect fit to go along with my walking so I bought. I was then able to add it to my calendar and now each day I just click on the day that it is on my calendar and it will show me which workouts I’m doing. No money to buy a program? No problem! Fitness Blender videos are completely free and you can pick and choose at will. Plus you can still add them to your calendar. It is awesome.

I’m am pumped up and motivated to see what the next 28 days will hold. And while I haven’t taken before pictures (at least not yet, still thinking about it) I have taken my measurements and I’m determined to see some changes in the next 28 days.


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