The first 80 or so days of school

I was actually ready to write about the first 80 days or so in November but it didn’t happen.  So now we are actually just passed the 90 day mark.  And up till a few days ago I thought everything was going great.  Then a curve ball, Pebbles came to me and said she didn’t feel like she was being challenged enough with the C.C. course work and really wants to do other, harder things.  Well seeing as we were just about to start back to school after Christmas break her timing was absolutely horrible.  Honestly, I was thrilled she feels she needs more of a challenge and spoke up about it but seriously, I had 2 plus weeks where I could have been searching for things and making plans if she would have said something sooner.  Other than that most things are going well.  Bam-Bam is doing well with his courses and really only complaining about one in particular which is the one I expected.  He has slacked on doing Family Time Fitness but so have I with having the other kids do it.

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

I really just feel like this year has gone so much smoother than others.  Now to figure out what to do with Pebbles that won’t completely derail our progress.




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