Large family living problems

So obviously there are different hurdles when you have a large family.  To start with there are the looks from strangers when you are out in public walking around.  Here is my 6 year olds current problem—she doesn’t know how to play by herself.  

Here’s how things went down– she was outside playing with a brother and then he decided to come in.  Once inside he didn’t want to play with her anymore and neither did any of her other siblings.  So she comes whinny to me about wanting to watch a movie.  I told her no and to play with her toys.  She then regales me with the story of how older brother came in and now she doesn’t have anyone to play with.  I reminded her that I said to play with her toys, not someone.  Then she proclaims that is boring to play by herself and she just can’t do it.
Conclusion– she has gotten so used to always having someone to play with she find her own self boring.
Like I said, large family problems from the view of a 6 year old.


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