Happy New Year

So here it, 2016.  I have many things running through my head.  I’m not normally so reflect or forward thinking at New Year’s but this year am.  Why I’m not ready to share everything going through my mind there is one thing I need to share.  I need to share for accountability and for an outlet and just well because I do.

I need to lose weight.  Unhealthy habits and laziness are leading to places I don’t like.  I stepped on the scale today and saw I weight I haven’t seen since shortly having having my last child 6 years ago and while I knew changes needed to be made, that cement the fact that changes need to be made.

I’m not expecting to do this quickly.  I want to be realistic about this.  Therefore my big picture goal would be to hit my goal weight by my anniversary in August.  That’s just about a pound a week.  I will frequently need to remind myself that this is slow and steady kind of race.

My first attempt  goal at losing weigh will be to make it through the 17 day diet gal’s challenge. The transistional day is Tuesday, and the challenge starts Wednesday.  I want to make it through cycle 1 and see how I feel when that is done.  I also checked out the 17 Day Diet book from the library to have the additional resource even though her blog is pretty in-depth. If I make through the first 17 days and seem to be having success or even just feeling better I’ll continue to cycle 2.

One thing you are to do on the 17 day diet is to start the day with warm lemon water.  Not the first I have heard or nor tried doing this.  So to start the year off right and get ready for the challenge that’s what I did today.  You are also suppose to drink 3-4 cups of green tea so I’m going to try to start that awhile too.

I am hoping to give weekly updates on how the “race” is going.  I’m sure sometimes they will be raw and emotional and filled with highs and lows.  

Here is to a healthy 2016!


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