It’s time.  It’s time to explain what I meant when I said “I don’t want To be at the end of February and feel like I have not done anything for the first 2 months of the year

By now I’m sure you have seen people post about their “one word” for the year.  I’ve seen it for a few years now but never felt compelled to have one.  Until this year.  This year as 2015 was going out and 2016 was rolling in I felt the word Intentional contininuing to roll through and around my mind.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it though.  I could definately see areas that it could apply to in my life but I wasn’t sure about sharing it or making a fuss about it.  Still as January came to a close and I felt like all the day to day stuff kept me living in the moment instead of seeing the big picture I knew that I had to do something about.

According to the American College Dictionary:

Intentional- adjective-done with intention or on purpose

It’s pretty simple and yet, not so much.  It’s so easy to live in the day to day hassles and in the blink of an eye the month, the season, the year is gone.  Well meaning loved ones with years of wisdom and experience will often tell a new mom not to blink because that baby she is hold will be grown-up just that fast.  Oh we as new mothers don’t see it, not until it’s too late anyways but it’s true.  We are so caught up on at first changing diapers and sleepless nights that we long for the days that we get 4 hours of sleep at one shot or don’t need to carry an arsenal of baby gear for a simple outing to the grandparents house. But whoosh, oh so quickly those days are gone and we can’t have them back and we can’t undo the wrongs or make better the bad.

So where am I going with this.  As I said, I felt the intentional rattling around my brain a lot and knew I needed to apply it to most if not all aspects of my life.  Intentional in my marriage, my child-rearing/homeschooling, my job/career choices, even my choice to have a healthier life style.  The old saying goes if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.  I don’t want that to continue to be my habit.  And yes, old habits die hard, but I don’t want 2016 to slip away and at the end I simply say I survived another year.  No, no, I want to say I thrived, my marriage is thriving, my children are thriving because we are doing intentional things to make it so.

Please hear me on this also, there is a difference between having good intentions and being intentional.  I won’t bring up the old say about good intentions but suffice to say, I know this is something that has to have follow through or alas I will be no better off.


Large family living problems

So obviously there are different hurdles when you have a large family.  To start with there are the looks from strangers when you are out in public walking around.  Here is my 6 year olds current problem—she doesn’t know how to play by herself.  

Here’s how things went down– she was outside playing with a brother and then he decided to come in.  Once inside he didn’t want to play with her anymore and neither did any of her other siblings.  So she comes whinny to me about wanting to watch a movie.  I told her no and to play with her toys.  She then regales me with the story of how older brother came in and now she doesn’t have anyone to play with.  I reminded her that I said to play with her toys, not someone.  Then she proclaims that is boring to play by herself and she just can’t do it.
Conclusion– she has gotten so used to always having someone to play with she find her own self boring.
Like I said, large family problems from the view of a 6 year old.

Finding a new purpose

So it seems that every once and a while I come and dust off this sad little blog.  Lately I’m been brewing a new idea for the blog, rebranding or starting fresh I’m not sure but there is an idea brewing.  I want to have more direction, more purpose.  I think that’s why this one lacks entry.  I lacked vision and meaning for it.  Hopefully that will soon be changing.

Looking back and looking forward

So the other week I received an email from one of the fitness blogs I follow asking me where I hoped to be in a year fitness wise.  Wow, what a loaded question.  I really didn’t/don’t have an answer.  I however, I did decide to look back and see where I have been.  I must say it saddened me.  When I looked back at last year’s measurements, not much has changed.  I have lost a net of 3 pounds and I can’t remember if I lost any inches but right now that doesn’t seem to matter.  To add more guilt to the mix, I have been stress eating for various reasons since reading that email.  That certainly hasn’t helped with the weight loss battle.  And no the motivation to exercise is quite dimension as well.  Maybe I’m just hitting bottom before going up again.  Hopefully with warmer weather and maybe a good swift kick in the rear I’ll get back on track


You know that old saying: “If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it everytime”  Yeah.  I need to find something to aim for.

Winner is….

And the Winner of the Family Time Fitness is Julie F.  Thanks to all for entering.  Julie, I’ll send your info to family time fitness and they will be in contact.  For thoses that didn’t win, stay tuned, I believe I will have a coupon code to share with you.