Happy New Year

So here it, 2016.  I have many things running through my head.  I’m not normally so reflect or forward thinking at New Year’s but this year am.  Why I’m not ready to share everything going through my mind there is one thing I need to share.  I need to share for accountability and for an outlet and just well because I do.

I need to lose weight.  Unhealthy habits and laziness are leading to places I don’t like.  I stepped on the scale today and saw I weight I haven’t seen since shortly having having my last child 6 years ago and while I knew changes needed to be made, that cement the fact that changes need to be made.

I’m not expecting to do this quickly.  I want to be realistic about this.  Therefore my big picture goal would be to hit my goal weight by my anniversary in August.  That’s just about a pound a week.  I will frequently need to remind myself that this is slow and steady kind of race.

My first attempt  goal at losing weigh will be to make it through the 17 day diet gal’s challenge. The transistional day is Tuesday, and the challenge starts Wednesday.  I want to make it through cycle 1 and see how I feel when that is done.  I also checked out the 17 Day Diet book from the library to have the additional resource even though her blog is pretty in-depth. If I make through the first 17 days and seem to be having success or even just feeling better I’ll continue to cycle 2.

One thing you are to do on the 17 day diet is to start the day with warm lemon water.  Not the first I have heard or nor tried doing this.  So to start the year off right and get ready for the challenge that’s what I did today.  You are also suppose to drink 3-4 cups of green tea so I’m going to try to start that awhile too.

I am hoping to give weekly updates on how the “race” is going.  I’m sure sometimes they will be raw and emotional and filled with highs and lows.  

Here is to a healthy 2016!


Large family living problems

So obviously there are different hurdles when you have a large family.  To start with there are the looks from strangers when you are out in public walking around.  Here is my 6 year olds current problem—she doesn’t know how to play by herself.  

Here’s how things went down– she was outside playing with a brother and then he decided to come in.  Once inside he didn’t want to play with her anymore and neither did any of her other siblings.  So she comes whinny to me about wanting to watch a movie.  I told her no and to play with her toys.  She then regales me with the story of how older brother came in and now she doesn’t have anyone to play with.  I reminded her that I said to play with her toys, not someone.  Then she proclaims that is boring to play by herself and she just can’t do it.
Conclusion– she has gotten so used to always having someone to play with she find her own self boring.
Like I said, large family problems from the view of a 6 year old.

Finding a new purpose

So it seems that every once and a while I come and dust off this sad little blog.  Lately I’m been brewing a new idea for the blog, rebranding or starting fresh I’m not sure but there is an idea brewing.  I want to have more direction, more purpose.  I think that’s why this one lacks entry.  I lacked vision and meaning for it.  Hopefully that will soon be changing.

Book List

All over the net right now you are seeing bloggers posting their book list for 2015.  The ones I have seen consist of at least 15 books for the year covering topics from marriage, parenthood, homeschooling, finances, blogging, almost everything really.  And then there’s me.  By about 4th grade, I LOVED to read.  Loved it.  By 8th grade I was reading while walking between classes (even if that walked included stairs).  You could almost always find me with a book in my hand.

Then I became an adult and work and kids and schooling kids and well you get the picture.  Besides reading my Bible (which let’s be honest isn’t always as consistent as I would like it to be) I’m not even sure what the last book I read was.  Well that last book that was for my personal enjoyment or enrichment.  I can tell you what I have read to the kids.  Give me time and I can read you the list the older 3 have read so far this year.  But me.  I don’t have, make, take the time to read myself.  In fact when the idea for this post came to mind, I was going to make a goal to read 3-4 books that have been on my shelves just waiting to be read.  But, I’m sorta sure that’s a goal I won’t accomplish so I’m not making it.  If my little world changes and I get a book read, I will share it by all means.


So what about you?  Do you find you can get books read?  If so how do you do it and how do you decide which books to read?

This was Bam-Bam's summer reading goal one year.  If I remember correctly he read them all and then some.

This was Bam-Bam’s summer reading goal one year. If I remember correctly he read them all and then some.

The first 80 or so days of school

I was actually ready to write about the first 80 days or so in November but it didn’t happen.  So now we are actually just passed the 90 day mark.  And up till a few days ago I thought everything was going great.  Then a curve ball, Pebbles came to me and said she didn’t feel like she was being challenged enough with the C.C. course work and really wants to do other, harder things.  Well seeing as we were just about to start back to school after Christmas break her timing was absolutely horrible.  Honestly, I was thrilled she feels she needs more of a challenge and spoke up about it but seriously, I had 2 plus weeks where I could have been searching for things and making plans if she would have said something sooner.  Other than that most things are going well.  Bam-Bam is doing well with his courses and really only complaining about one in particular which is the one I expected.  He has slacked on doing Family Time Fitness but so have I with having the other kids do it.

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

I really just feel like this year has gone so much smoother than others.  Now to figure out what to do with Pebbles that won’t completely derail our progress.



Fitness Blender

I love Fitness Blender! I’m not completely sure when I found them but I’m guessing sometime around the summer of 2012 as that is when I have an email with my login and password for their site. Well now they have gone and made it even better!

As of January 5th they updated their site to include a workout calendar, new programs and other cool features are to come. You can check out their announcement about things here. This morning was the first chance I had to get on and I was floored and what perfect timing to help with New Year’s Resolutions.

Which leads me to my goals that I will be brave enough to share here. My long term goal is to hit my goal weight/dress size by my birthday in late June. By 12/29 I had a rough idea as to how I wanted to accomplish that goal. I planned on taking a month of doing walking and light strength/core training, moving on to Fitness Blender’s 4 week low impact program, then their second one that they said they would be coming out with and then evaluating from there are to what to do. Well, while I was doing some sort of strength training last week nothing was feeling right and now I know why. Fitness Blender came out with a four week stretching, yoga, and pilates for flexibility and total body toning program with the new release. It seemed like the perfect fit to go along with my walking so I bought. I was then able to add it to my calendar and now each day I just click on the day that it is on my calendar and it will show me which workouts I’m doing. No money to buy a program? No problem! Fitness Blender videos are completely free and you can pick and choose at will. Plus you can still add them to your calendar. It is awesome.

I’m am pumped up and motivated to see what the next 28 days will hold. And while I haven’t taken before pictures (at least not yet, still thinking about it) I have taken my measurements and I’m determined to see some changes in the next 28 days.

American Heritage Museum in Gettysburg

This week I had the opportunity to go and preview the American Heritage Museum in Gettysburg, PA. This museum in in the old Wax Solider Museum on the south side of town. While the museum is not completely ready, they opened it up for free for the community during the last half of December. The museum consists of 3 parts if you will; displays, a theatre, and gift shop.

I went with 5 of my children and a friend and her child. We had ages 14-5.

The displays are well laid out have have interesting facts and pictures. The pictures are 3D (you are provided with glasses upon entering) and there are even 3 mini movies done in 3D. The children were fascinated with the 3D pictures and the displays but not so much the mini movies or fact posters. What I could see of the one mini movie it was well presented.

The theatre is a 20 minute movie about the 3 day battle. Having grown up around the town I knew all the locations that were mention but the movie added to my knowledge by giving an aerial scene of how the armies moved during each day and how the battle played out. It also gave a clear picture of which commander was where.

The gift shop is about what you would expect with plenty of souvenirs for all ages. My 5 year saw a southern belle dress costume which she thought we should get so her daddy could see her in it. You could get something for all ages.

There is ample free parking behind the museum which is nice. They do have public restrooms which I mention because not all of the museums in Gettysburg do.

Overall I would this is a great museum for 12 and over, maybe 10 and up depending on their interest level. There was some warnings that I felt could have been given upon entering and will share with you. One is that the movie is graphic at some points with people dying. My youngest was turning her face into me during these parts. Second at one point during the movie in the theatre lights start flashing which I can see giving some people mirgaines or triggering seizures if they are sensitive to that.