Healthy Habit weekly update #2

So here we are, 2 weeks into the New Year and well, it’s been a rough week.  I knew the weekend would be because the weekend is a different rountine and I planned accordingly.  However, I did not plan for 2 “cheat” days or for starting to feel sick during this week.  So, the oil pulling temporarily has fallen to the way side, not overly upset about that.  The warm lemon water has been, I think a 5/7 so that’s not horrible.  The soda crept in (which is at the very least bad if not horrible) and I think that count came to 2 cans and 1 bottle.  However, I’m not falling off the wagon.  I’m simply taking the bump in the road and moving on.  I know this is a process, and as the old saying goes “Roman wasn’t build in a day.”  Also, despite maybe not liking what it will tell me I have continued to keep track of all that I’m eating using my fitness pal and I have only missed one workout of the Fitness Blender workout program I am using.

Small bunny trail  here-  I love Fitness Blender.  Free workouts for everyone.  You can find a workout video for you whether you are a 10 year couch potatoe or a great althete.  I know I am severely out of shape so I’m starting with their REACH program.  Yes, I paid for the workout plan but I didn’t have to.  The videos are all free, I just wanted a plan to follow.  And trust me, it is still challenging me but in a good way.  My point is don’t let cost or ability be a factor.

And now back to the weekly update.  The scale has moved some since the start of the year but not enough for me to say I actually lost weight.  I would say more that hormones and water has shifted, if that makes sense.  What is changing is my mind set, which is a good thing to startto change.  I could have let my 2 “cheat” days roll into 4, 5, 6… Like before or just thrown in the towel all together like before but I’m not.  I hit a bump but I’m still in the wagon.