They are calling for snow in these parts this weekend.  No one is saying any amounts yet but everyone is sure of snow.  The temperatures will certainly stay cold enough for it to stick.  For the last few months I’ve been trying to go grocery shopping once a week on Saturday.  However, knowing of the possibly of snow I don’t foresee that being realistic this week.  So my first thoughts were to go on Thursday.  More consideration on this thought and I decided I didn’t want to be in the grocery store with all my neighbors on Thursday.  So I decided to go today for the stuff I would need to get through the weekend and then I’ll do my regular shopping next Monday or Tuesday.

In all of this though I pondered the Proverbs 31 woman. After all, she didn’t have a weather man to tell of the future forecast (not that they are always right anyways) but still, it’s nice to have a heads up.  Really as I’m typing this my mind is drifting far down the path of how she wouldn’t be going to the grocery store anyways, she would have grown and stored her food and meal planning probably wasn’t needed because well, variety wasn’t exactly common.  But I digress.  My original thought was on how she prepared and planned.  I’m sure she had days where she was turning lemons into lemonade but the woman was prepared.  It’s just left me, well, pondering and searching.

She is not afraid of the snow for her household, for all her household are clothed with scarlet Proverbs 31:21


Plan ahead for Healthier eating

So I”m currently reading a book about becoming the Proverbs 31 woman (yes that perfect woman that we try to be) and in the book she gives you affirmations to repeat each day.  So each day I go through the affirmations and one of them is: I plan ahead for healthier eating.  Now this seems like common sense and I had even taken the practice of it as far as when I’m on sparkpeople at breafast time I’ll start plugging in possible meal options to see how it looks.  Well.  Yesterday, I got a new view on this seemingly easy to follow affirmation.  I didn’t eat breakfast before we had to leave the house.  I remember to grab my water bottle to keep the temptation of soda at bay and I splurge and had a small piece of fudge I had made before I left but that was it.  Until we were done with our first stop, I was hungry.  By the time we were done with our second stop, I knew I had to eat.  Now I did see this coming but time was not on my side before having to leave the house and I was out of my cereal.  (there was the first mistake, running out of cereal that is healthy and portable).  So I decided to do fast food.  Yes I know, cringe.  Side note:  It’s funny now that such a thing makes me wince and cringe when before I use to love fast food breakfast.  Anyways, I decided on a sandwich because I’m not a yogurt and granola person or an oatmeal person.  I ate it and my stomach was very grateful.  Then I got home and put the info into sparkpeople and my stomach immediately flopped.  Calorie wise, not bad until you looked at the break down.  31 grams of fat in 1 sandwich!!!!  I was totally mad at myself.  But what could I do, I had eaten it and I couldn’t exactly take it back.  So then when I played with what to eat for the rest of the day things got very, very difficult.  In the end, I was clearly over my fat limits for the day but under on everything else.  There wasn’t an easy way to balance things out.  Seriously, it was just defeating and discouraging.  Now today though I’m trying to look on the postive side.  I have learned, hopefully, that I have to plan ahead for healthier eating.  And planning ahead means having the food I’ll need.  It means planning a grocery list a little better.  So let it be a lesson to be learned.