Healthy Habit weekly update #2

So here we are, 2 weeks into the New Year and well, it’s been a rough week.  I knew the weekend would be because the weekend is a different rountine and I planned accordingly.  However, I did not plan for 2 “cheat” days or for starting to feel sick during this week.  So, the oil pulling temporarily has fallen to the way side, not overly upset about that.  The warm lemon water has been, I think a 5/7 so that’s not horrible.  The soda crept in (which is at the very least bad if not horrible) and I think that count came to 2 cans and 1 bottle.  However, I’m not falling off the wagon.  I’m simply taking the bump in the road and moving on.  I know this is a process, and as the old saying goes “Roman wasn’t build in a day.”  Also, despite maybe not liking what it will tell me I have continued to keep track of all that I’m eating using my fitness pal and I have only missed one workout of the Fitness Blender workout program I am using.

Small bunny trail  here-  I love Fitness Blender.  Free workouts for everyone.  You can find a workout video for you whether you are a 10 year couch potatoe or a great althete.  I know I am severely out of shape so I’m starting with their REACH program.  Yes, I paid for the workout plan but I didn’t have to.  The videos are all free, I just wanted a plan to follow.  And trust me, it is still challenging me but in a good way.  My point is don’t let cost or ability be a factor.

And now back to the weekly update.  The scale has moved some since the start of the year but not enough for me to say I actually lost weight.  I would say more that hormones and water has shifted, if that makes sense.  What is changing is my mind set, which is a good thing to startto change.  I could have let my 2 “cheat” days roll into 4, 5, 6… Like before or just thrown in the towel all together like before but I’m not.  I hit a bump but I’m still in the wagon.


Fitness Blender

I love Fitness Blender! I’m not completely sure when I found them but I’m guessing sometime around the summer of 2012 as that is when I have an email with my login and password for their site. Well now they have gone and made it even better!

As of January 5th they updated their site to include a workout calendar, new programs and other cool features are to come. You can check out their announcement about things here. This morning was the first chance I had to get on and I was floored and what perfect timing to help with New Year’s Resolutions.

Which leads me to my goals that I will be brave enough to share here. My long term goal is to hit my goal weight/dress size by my birthday in late June. By 12/29 I had a rough idea as to how I wanted to accomplish that goal. I planned on taking a month of doing walking and light strength/core training, moving on to Fitness Blender’s 4 week low impact program, then their second one that they said they would be coming out with and then evaluating from there are to what to do. Well, while I was doing some sort of strength training last week nothing was feeling right and now I know why. Fitness Blender came out with a four week stretching, yoga, and pilates for flexibility and total body toning program with the new release. It seemed like the perfect fit to go along with my walking so I bought. I was then able to add it to my calendar and now each day I just click on the day that it is on my calendar and it will show me which workouts I’m doing. No money to buy a program? No problem! Fitness Blender videos are completely free and you can pick and choose at will. Plus you can still add them to your calendar. It is awesome.

I’m am pumped up and motivated to see what the next 28 days will hold. And while I haven’t taken before pictures (at least not yet, still thinking about it) I have taken my measurements and I’m determined to see some changes in the next 28 days.

Goals for the 1st week in July

So last week I set 4 basic goals:

  • sparkpeople bootcamp week 3
  • drink 100 oz of water daily
  • take my vitamins
  • 1 whole food meal a day

Overall, I didn’t do too bad with those goals.  My biggest problem was remembering to take my vitamins.  I believe I missed them on 2 days.  My whole food meals seem to consist of a lot of chicken and vegetables.  Grilled chicken on salad, sometimes chicken with quinoa and vegetables.  I pleased with last week even though it did not result in any weight loss.

This week I had a slightly different goal.

  • sparkpeople bootcamp week 4 (last week)
  • drink 100 oz of water daily
  • take my vitamins
  • focus on form, not quantity

Now for my “listen to your elders story”.  So once I hit a certain age I became very self conscious of my chest size and in order to make myself look smaller, I would slouch, horribly.  My wonderful, wise grandmother would often place her hands on my shoulders and “straighten” me and threaten to strap a roof shingle to my back if I didn’t start standing up start and also telling me I would regard in my later years my poor posture.  I didn’t listen.  Now, I have bad posture, weak as all get out core muscles, and could just smack myself for not listening to her.  This is the reason for the last goal.  I need to straighten and make sure I am using proper form even for everyday walking so that I can correct years of damage so to speak.

42 days to fit update 2

So I’m almost done with week 1 of 42 days to fit.  Has it been easy.  No, absolutely not.  In fact the first 3 days I didn’t even succeed.  First day was a bomb, flat out.  Days 2 and 3 were 50-50.  I either didn’t have “dessert” or I didn’t have soda.  Day 4 was a struggle because I actually made it without either.  Day 5 wasn’t any easier but I made it.  Today is day 6 and right now (it’s still early) it seems like it might be a little easier.

I’ve learned a bit this week.  For one, I like my sugar around 3 and 7 pm.  I have conquered the 7 pm one by packing an apple and some peanut butter with my supper.  The 3 pm time has a been a bit difficult.  Almonds help but they still aren’t quite the same and I struggle.   I already know that Sunday will have dessert but I plan I making my serving small.  Workout wise I did well this week and I’m amazed at how much easier it was to get on the treadmill than to lift the weights.  At one point in my life it was the opposite.  Fridays are my weigh in day and I was down about a pound this week.  Was hopefully for more after a big increase last week but I’ll take what I get.

As for the Virtual Marathon, this week I logged a total of 5.63 miles.  That makes a total of 8.22 out of the 26.2.  I am 31% of the way there.  That’s not bad, but I do feel I’ll be a little tight if I don’t get some extra time in somewhere.

Mission Complete-sorta

So this week marked week 9 of C25K and I did it!  Sadly the 5k I was training for had to be cancelled.  I learned about this probably at week 3 of training and I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother finishing.  Now this was probably at least attempt 3 of trying to train for a 5k.  Right around the same time we had a family service at church at determination.  Something in that message convinced me I need to continue with C25k even if there was not 5k at the end to run.  Now, I’m not fast.  Speed walkers could pass me.  I can honestly say I have lost any weight in during this either.  (That could be a whole other post but it would be depressing so it won’t be a whole other post).  I don’t enjoy running any more than I did before I started either.  All this has done is prove to myself that I can do a 5k.  Was it easy?  No, I needed an excellent playlist and God’s strength to get through it.  Will I ever do a 5k?  Maybe, would probably have to train again for it as I firmly believe this is something you have to keep at in order to be able to do.  I’m moving on though for now.

November Recap and Goals for December

So here it is December 1st.  Wow, 2011 is almost over.  In Novemeber I logged 1,115 fitness mintues on sparkpeople and had an estimated (I had to use 10/31 and 12/1 for dates) 6.2 pounds lost.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  However, I do seem to be hitting a bump.  Part of the problem is that I’m starting to need some varitey.  Getting on the treadmill 5 times a week is well boring and walking outside is not an option.  Strength training is going well but some days it requires early rises which can be difficult. 19 days in November I met my calorie range.  Of the 10 days I didn’t met that goal 7 of them were under.  That seems pretty good to me.  Also in November I was able to fit in my progress pants and with any luck they will be big until the end of December (think that’s asking for too much?)

So what are my December goals?

I need to lose at least 3 more pounds to be in the healthy range on the BMI chart but I’m going to shoot for another 6 pounds for December.  That will leave me with at least 7 pounds to go at the new year to hit my ideal weight.  Course part of me still isn’t set on an ideal weight sooooo.

I want to finish stage 4 of New Rules for lifting.  This is putting me in a delima.  I should finish stage 4 on 12/16 leaving me 2 weeks until the end of the year.  I already know that my husband will be taking off most of the last week of December so execise time will be limited.  So I don’t want to start another stage until 1/2 (or 1/4 depending on his vacation time).  So I think I will use some of sparkpeoples 10 minute videos so that I’m doing something but not having to wake up early to do so.  Course maybe I will find something else to help break up the 2 weeks, I don’t know yet.

I also want to strive to have 30 out of 30 days that I met my calorie range.  Difficult I know but so long as I plan ahead, I don’t seem to struggle with it all as much.  Hmm, as I sit here pondering what I just wrote, I wonder if that’s asking a lot of myself.  Well it’s a goal, something to strive for so if I don’t met it this month I can try again in January.

I think that about wraps it up.  Here’s to a wonderful December!

Week 5 Progress Made!

Yes, you read that right, I have made progress!  I have progress pants-you know the pants that don’t quite fit but you know with a little effort (work) they can fit.  Well this weekend mine fit.  I was thrilled.  So thrilled that I decided to check my measurements and what did they reveal, that I was losing inches.  Where was quite interesting though.  Yes I had loss just enough to get those progress pants on (which really wasn’t a lot butsome how enough) but I really lost in the chest area.  Perfectly fine with me because I have felt top heavy for a long time.  Sadly though there is no loss in the mid-section.  I know, I know you can “spot” reduce but I was still hoping for “overall” loss not just here and there loss.

So where does that put me for this week.  Well let’s be honest, the holiday isn’t going to help and neither is dh being off work.  With that in mind I kept my goals realistic.

  • drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
  • continue no soda
  • exercise 3x a week
  • finish stage 3 of New Rules of Lifting for Women
  • Stay within calorie range (possilbe making an exception for Thanksgiving)
  • keep sodium in check-last week I couldn’t believe how easy it was to over do the sodium

That’s the plan for this week.

Oh before I forget, last week I didn’t do horrible but I didn’t get in my 10 miles and I had a day or 2 of my calories being high.  Could have been worse and certainly could have been better.

Next week it will be back to the “hard work” as I’ll start stage 4 and get back to my 10 miles a week.