Highly Discouraged

So this is going to be a complete 180 from my last post but I’m about fed up.  I’m not seeing results, in fact I had a gain back of 1/2 of my total loss.  Very discouraging.  I wanted to stay positive but I’m also being honest and “real” here.  This week I didn’t do more than Hoe Downs and the primary back stretch because I was so discouraged.  I know that not doing anything certainly won’t help.  However.  As I look to next week and trying to get back on track I need to figure out what I’m getting back on track with.  I’m quite sure that a big part of my problem with t-tapp is that I”m not activating my muscles correctly.  That goes to form and at this point I’m not sure how to correct that.  And I think I’m a little bored.  Now add to that, that my dh would like me to workout with him (he needs a partner) and I’m just not sure what to do.  I knw my problem with working out with him is that he won’t be using a video and I’m a visual person.  I need a video.  I’m also toying with the idea of using one of sparkpeople’s plan.  I don’t know.  I just would like to see some consistent resuls which I can say I was with t-tapp.  I know that some many people say that you heal from the inside out with t-tapp and I can’t see or feel that so I’m frustrated.  I don’t think it’s t-tapp, I think it’s me.  The people on the forum are wonderful and encouraging, I don’t want anyone to think wrong of them.  As I said, it’s just me, frustrated and discouraged and trying to get things out so that I can hopefully think clearly.


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